Coastal Dreams: The Allure of Living in Malibu Beach

Malibu is home to breathtaking views, amazing food, stunning people, and 27 miles of pristine coastline. The Malibu beaches remain some of the most exclusive, competitive and real estate markets in the world. And with over 12,000 residents, the area is ideal for just about any lifestyle – family or no family. If you are considering investing in real estate or setting down roots, here are some reasons to choose Malibu Beach for your new home.

Malibu Beach Real Estate

As mentioned, Malibu Beach real estate is very costly. In fact, the area has one of the priciest real estate markets in Los Angeles. The California Association of Realtors confirms that, in 2022, the average single-family Malibu home cost $4.3 million. The market’s competitiveness makes such a purchase a very wise real estate investment. But if you are looking for a home, the many mixed-use properties, lofts, beach manors, condos, ocean-side villas, and family homes will meet your needs. Naturally, Malibu Beach homes closest to the ocean are also the most expensive.

Living in Malibu Beach

Once you snag a Malibu home, living in this neighborhood is a dream come true. Malibu residents are very concerned about appearances and often go to great lengths to maintain and upgrade their homes. This means that a good real estate agent can find you a home in near-perfect condition that requires very little repair, helping reduce your purchase costs.

Most homes feature tall roofs, large open windows, sweeping rooms, and expansive galleries, among other amenities. You can enjoy sweeping views of the bluffs and beaches from different neighborhoods, including views of Santa Monica Bay, Santa Catalina Island, Santa Monica Mountains, and the San Fernando Valley. Outdoors, you can enjoy activities like cycling, biking, and hiking.

Location and Accessibility

Another perk of living in Malibu Beach is the high accessibility. The area is a few miles from the Pacific Coast Highway, so you can easily commute to Monterey, Santa Barbara, Washington, Oregon, and other coastline areas. This is especially crucial if you work outside of town.

Ocean Views and Local Parks

During vacation days of the weekend, you and your loved ones can enjoy the many natural delights of Malibu Beach. You can spend the day in the sun at the many sandy beaches in the area, including Surfrider Beach and Zuma Beach. These locations are very popular with swimmers, sunbathers, and surfers. You can also visit the Grotto Trail, the Malibu Bluffs Recreation Area, and the 150-foot-tall Escondido Falls, among other stunning attractions.

Arts and Culture

Are you an art and culture connoisseur? If so, you will love the J. Paul Getty Museum. This historic building displays Roman, Greek, and Etruscan artifacts, paintings, and sculptures. You can also look forward to annual events like the Malibu International Marathon, Malibu Nautica Triathlon, Malibu Arts Festival, and Malibu International Film Festival.

Luxury Homes and High-Profile Living

And finally, nowhere says refined living like Malibu Beach. Many luxury homes in the area boast private seashores, wine bars, exercise centers, spas, pools, and other opulent amenities. It is perhaps for this reason that high-profile individuals like Barbra Streisand and Mathew McConaughey call Malibu Beach home – and you can, too, with the help of a Malibu Beach real estate agent.

Get Your Slice of the Malibu Dream

Perhaps the most alluring perk of Malibu Beach is that every beach in the area has something unique to offer. Whether you are looking for luxury, private beach views, mountain scenes, grand mansions, or luxurious condos, you can find the perfect home in Malibu Beach. Start today by calling the Malibu Life team to schedule a consultation.