Different Almirah Designs You Will Fall In Love With

Earlier, the almirah was only a box-shaped storage unit with no importance given to the design and was only considered a storage item. However, now gone are the days when almirah designs are just a box. Today, wall almirah designs have transformed and now some designs add beauty to the interiors and exclusiveness to the whole space. Therefore, if you are someone who is revamping your room or doing up a completely new space, we have handpicked some of the interesting almirah designs you would love and would like to consider.

  • Wall almirah with bed:

If your bedroom is small but you need storage too, consider a single-door wardrobe on either side of the bed. This will help in utilizing the space smartly while occupying less space in the room and keeping the rest of the area uncluttered. Keeping the design simple and minimalistic will make the whole bed wall roomy with a lot of movement space around. 

  • Vintage wooden almirah:

A wooden almirah is one piece of furniture that never loses its charm but in fact, adds charm to the space. Classic, elegant, and decorative, the vintage almirah designs are here and will stay forever. Pair it with a similar chest of drawers and you will have a beautiful corner in the room that is going to compliment the whole space. 

  • Ceiling-to-floor almirah design: 

Irrespective of the room size, the ceiling-to-floor wall almirah design makes use of the entire space smartly offering you ample storage while keeping the room decluttered. You can match the interior of the space and accordingly build such a spacious almirah. 

  • Sliding door almirah:

One of the biggest drawbacks of a traditional almirah design is probably that it not just occupies enough space but also the doors occupy extra area when opened. Thus, to upgrade the look of the space with a modern almirah design, opt for the almirah with sliding doors to up-class the entire appearance and save space. Whosoever felt the almirah cannot look modern should see this type of design.

  • Modern almirah with open storage:

If your taste is about to have multiple books, plants, other souvenirs, and valuable things around your space and eyes, opt for a modern 3-door almirah design with open storage shelves on both sides. This type of almirah solves the purpose of storing and displaying knick-knacks. Thus, this design allows making the room look beautiful by having the space to display plants, etc. 

  • Matt finishes almirah:

Whether it is walls, nails, wardrobe, or any other surface, the matte finish exhibits chicness and a modish appearance. The matte finish almirah has been the new love as it circulates light and adds a unique charm to the room. Another benefit of this type of almirah is that it makes the scratches and other imperfections less noticeable giving a high-touch surface look to the cupboard. 

  • Amirah matching to the interiors:

Having a room with synched furniture brings out the real beauty of the bedroom. It gives the message of well thought about and conveys a story. When all the furniture is matched and synchronized with the floor, the whole place offers unparalleled warmth. An abstract painting, an eccentric lamp, or contrasting upholstery would instantly accentuate the space. 

Now that you have ample design options for almirah design, choose the one that best suits your place and taste and let the decluttering start stylishly. After all, a clean and organized space is a way for a happy and healthy body to live in.