What You Need to Know About Washer Parts Replacements

Whether you are shopping for a new washing machine or you are simply in the market for a replacement part, it is important to know what you are looking for. If you don’t know what the parts are, you can end up making a costly mistake. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a mechanic or a handyman to find the right Electrofiablecanada.ca GE washer parts for your machine.

Direct drive motor coupling

During the lifespan of a washer, the Direct Drive Motor Coupling will wear and become faulty. This may cause the washer to agitate slowly or not spin at all. Symptoms of this problem include unusual noises, rubbing noises, or a slow spin. This can also cause the washer to smell like burning rubber when it is running.

Tub dampening straps

During the spin cycle, a dampening strap is used to limit the motion of the tub. When the strap is broken, it can cause your washing machine to wobble, jiggle, or shake excessively. If you notice this type of activity, you might want to check out these parts replacements to fix it.

Suspension spring

Choosing the correct replacement for your washing machine is an important step in ensuring the longevity of your appliance. The best way to find the right replacement is to make sure you have the correct model number, as this will ensure that you get the correct parts. Thankfully, a simple Google search will return a wealth of information on the subject. 

Agitator bolt

Choosing a washer parts replacement can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are several options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a top load or a front load, the right part can get the job done right. Choosing the right parts can save you a lot of time, frustration and money. Keeping an eye out for a good deal will also ensure you’re getting the best possible value for your money.

Drain hose

Keeping your washing machine in tip top shape is not enough, you also need to keep the hoses clean and dry. A faulty drain hose is the most common reason for a washer to stop working, and may require a visit to the parts department of your local appliance store. 

Water inlet valve

Whether you have a washer that leaks, has a slow fill, or simply won’t run, you may need to replace your water inlet valve. If you’re unsure whether you need a new valve, you can check online to determine if there are replacement parts available.

Lid switch assembly

Whenever you notice your washer lid not opening, you might want to replace the lid switch. The lid switch is a safety mechanism that prevents water from sloshing out of the washer when the lid is closed.