Why You Should Hire A Licensed Plumber

Maintaining a home involves a multitude of responsibilities for homeowners, from yard upkeep to roof repairs, drainage maintenance, plumbing, and more. However, water quality often gets overlooked amidst these tasks.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t prioritize water quality and fail to notice changes in taste, color, or odor that may indicate poor water quality. If you observe any of these signs, it’s time to reach out to the best plumbers in St. Petersburg, FL, for necessary repairs and maintenance. Numerous factors can contribute to a decrease in water quality within your home. Consider having your water tested and taking appropriate action based on the results.

Understanding Water Quality

Water quality refers to the cleanliness and purity of water. The higher the level of cleanliness, the better the quality. When rainwater falls, it naturally accumulates impurities, pollutants, and other elements from the environment.

Water treatment plants across the US work to eliminate impurities and pollutants from the water, ensuring we have access to safe drinking water. However, many rural homes do not receive water from these treatment plants.

Who Should Test Their Water?

The majority of people in the US receive their water from companies that source it from rivers and lakes. These suppliers have the responsibility to ensure the water’s quality and meet strict government guidelines. If you purchase water from a reputable supplier, you typically don’t need to test it yourself.

However, if you have concerns, it’s advisable to get your water tested by a certified laboratory. Look for labs accredited by the Department of Environmental Protection to ensure accurate results regarding your water quality.

These labs will require a water sample from your home to conduct the requested tests. They will provide instructions on how to obtain a proper water sample, followed by a detailed report with the results.

Interpreting Your Home’s Water Quality Test Results

Water quality results vary based on your location in the country since water quality differs from place to place. Pollutants and impurities found in water quality tests are specific to each location. Here are some common contaminants and pollutants:

– Hardness of Water

– Chemicals

– Bacteria

– Arsenic

– Lead

– Copper

– Other Metals

– E. Coli

– Nitrate

Keep in mind that your water may not contain all of these impurities or pollutants. Testing will help you identify the specific pollutants present and their concentrations.

Once you understand the composition of impurities, you can determine if they pose immediate health threats, have long-term consequences, or increase the risk of specific conditions for you and your family.

Often, it’s not the impurities themselves that pose the greatest risk but rather the changes they cause in taste. If you experience an unpleasant taste, you can take appropriate measures to address it.


To eliminate impurities and pollutants from your water, consider installing water purification or filtration systems or maintaining your plumbing. Unhygienic plumbing, corrosion, rust, or damage can compromise water quality in many homes.

By maintaining your plumbing system in good condition, you can reduce the presence of metals, chemicals, and other impurities in your water. Tailored filtration and purification systems can be installed in sinks, faucets, or the main water supply to ensure your entire home receives filtered water. Whole-house water filtration systems may include UV disinfection units, water softeners, and other filtration systems to combat impurities and pollutants.

Various plumbing solutions can improve water quality in your home, but most require the expertise of skilled and experienced plumbers. We highly recommend Clog Kings, LLC, in St. Petersburg, FL, for repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and installation of specific filtration and purification systems according to your needs.

If you’d like to learn more about water quality in your home, install water purification and filtration systems, or need simple plumbing repairs, please contact us today.

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