Are you looking for a duct cleaning agency in Canada? Here’s a helpful guide!

Home and restaurant owners need to pay attention to their kitchen exhaust ducts to reduce the risk of fire. An ill-maintained exhaust duct is a prime reason for thousands of restaurant kitchen fire accidents in Canada every year.

Cleaning the exhaust duct is a technical issue. It needs expertise in domains like degreasing and high-pressure washing. The procedures need to be compliant with the highest industrial standards.

In Canada, firms like Nettoyeurs Provincial de Conduits d’Air provide duct cleaning services in a professional manner. Customers can consult such firms for their technical cleaning exercises.

This article takes you through the issues around duct cleaning and how to choose a good agency to do the job for you.

Let us begin!

Why is duct cleaning necessary?

Any fire that breaks out at the cooking zone in a restaurant or home usually spreads into the duct evacuation of the hood. Hence maintaining the duct adequately can reduce the vulnerability to fire damages.

Millions of dollars worth of material and operational losses across restaurants can be saved with timely cleaning of the ducts.

How is cleaning undertaken?

  1. The firm first undertakes an inspection of the duct system and roof before the day of the appointment.
  2. The system is wrapped in plastic as a safeguard against splashing.
  3. Degreasing is done through scraping and high-pressure washing.
  4. All the parts including the plenum of the hood, horizontal hoods, vertical, and the fans are thoroughly cleaned.
  5. The hood is finally polished on both sides.
  6. A cleaning certificate is issued by the firm which should be displayed in the kitchen.
  7. Firms do send follow-up correspondence on any deficiencies identified during the cleaning.
  8. Firms also provide insurance cover to their clients.

Frequency of duct clean-up

Different ducts have different cleaning intervals depending on the type of grease accumulation and industrial build.

  • Conduit serving category 2 hoods (without grease): annual clean up
  • Conduit serving category 1 hoods (with fat vapor): bi-annual cleanup
  • Conduit serving one or more wood-burning appliances, coals, briquettes: tri-monthly cleanup

Choosing a cleaning agency

  • The following criteria need to be checked for choosing a good cleaning agency in Canada
  • The firm should have rich experience in cleaning ducts.
  • The technicians need to follow NFPA 96 standards.
  • The pricing should be affordable.

Concluding thoughts

Regular cleanup of ducts is a necessary precaution to ensure the safety of your cooking premises. Secure the services of a professional cleaning agency to get a neat job done.