Distinction Between Reroofing as well as Roof Replacement

Roof covering over an existing roof covering is additionally called reroofing or an overlay. It is the procedure where contractors install a new roof over your existing one, i.e., add a new layer of roof shingles, which indicates that there is no tearing off of the old roofing system. It is essential to know that this procedure can just be done only one time because you can only have two layers of tiles on your roof covering.

Roofing system substitute is the procedure of setting up a totally new roof covering that consists of the tear-off of the old one. Contractors will tear every little thing off, down to the deck of the roof, as well as basically go back to square one with the new roofing system, from placing really felt paper to installing roof shingles. Because roofing substitute includes tearing every little thing off, it can be done on every roof, regardless of the number of shingle layers, they are all going to be got rid of in any case.

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When as well as Why to Place a New Roof over an Existing Roofing?

When your roofing begins to fail, yet it is in an overall good condition, reroofing could be the best selection for you. What does it suggest to have a roofing that is falling short but is still in a relatively good state? It implies that your roof may go to completion of its life; however, its underlying structures, as well as sheathing remain in a usually good condition. Your roof shingles may be losing granules and are worn as a result of weather or age; however, they are not causing leaks, they are not missing or curling out on. These are all excellent tendencies for installing a new layer of shingles over the existing one.

By including an additional quality layer of tiles on your roofing system, you are, in fact, adding another safety layer to your roof. This will, in addition, to the underlayment, roofing deck, and the original layer of shingles, function as combined defense from problems as well as will stop any leakages from coming into your residence. We see this layer as an upgrade, or perhaps a rejuvenation of your roofing system that boosts your leak security. It will further help to guide the water from your roof, as well as your seamless gutters and downspouts, preventing the trouble of merging.

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