The Tampa roofers can also replace your roof. They also perform maintenance tasks like roof inspections and gutter cleaning. You can clean your gutters once a year to remove dirt and germs from your storage tanks. Dirt can also clog gutters and allow water to seep into your foundation. Broken branches from trees that are too high around your house can lead to more problems. You will need to clean them out regularly. KCG Roofing claims that roof leakages are most often caused by clogs. Clogs can be found around downspouts or where multiple gutters meet.

Cleaning Tips

The gutters can become clogged quickly after a storm. This will cause the dirt to block the flow of water. Many people find the prospect of climbing ladders to clean their gutters daunting. It is a smart decision to hire Tampa roofers as a professional to clean your gutters. Gutter cleaning can be dangerous, especially if you have multiple stories. KCG Roofing can replace your gutters if they are beginning to leak or age. These are some tips to clean your gutters.

  • Protective clothing, such as gloves and an overall, should be worn. Also, wear a shirt with long sleeves.
  • To avoid damage to the gutters, find a sturdy ladder with stabilizers and secure it to the wall.
  • To collect the debris, make sure you have a sturdy ladder and a small bucket. The Tampa roofing contractors discourage wooden ladders that are too unstable and unbalanced.
  • To clean your gutters of dirt and grime, use a plastic cup
  • To keep your lawn clean, dump all your items on a plastic sheet.
  • To flush out the gutters or downspouts, use a garden hose
  • After cleaning the surfaces, look for any leaks in the gutter.

Gutter Covers

Covers can be used to reduce dirt buildup in your gutters. KCG Roofing offers several gutter covers that will reduce dirt buildup and prevent you from having to clean them often. Porous foams, mesh screens, and grates allow water to pass through the gutters without removing dirt. Before you make a decision, compare the cost of gutter covers with the cost of regular maintenance. Cleaning gutters is an important task. However, failure to follow safety precautions could cause injury and damage to gutters. To remove dirt, Tampa roofers recommend that you use a pressure washer and a garden hose.

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